Themes: Existing vs Custom Builds.

Themes: Existing vs Custom Builds.

The front-end of a Shopify store is called it’s ‘theme’. The theme needs to not only represent your business and its branding, it also needs to engage with visitors to give them the confidence to want to browse and, ultimately, what to buy from you.

There are a huge array of varied, engaging and well designed themes available off-the-shelf to allow you to quickly get your Shopify store up and running. Some of these have been designed and built to very high standards to give you the a high degree of flexibility and customisation features to tailor your theme to suit your needs.

However, there are also a number which look good from the font-end but under the hood are not designed and built particularly well. During the build phase of your Shopify project we do our due diligence in researching and sourcing the right theme for you and your business. Care is taken to check page speed loading times, functionality, quality of build and the degree of support available.

We also offer a custom Shopify theme build service too. Here we work really closely with you to determine exactly how you want your bespoke theme to look, what functionality you need from the back-end to manage your business and what functionality you need from the front-end to engage with your retail audience.

Care is taken throughout the bespoke design process to make sure that during each stage you, the client, are kept informed and liaised with so that your design and build aspirations are achieved when your Shopify store goes live!

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